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Super Sleepy February 11, 2016

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*This writing should be posted on Wednesday, Feb 9th, 2016. Due to technical error, it ends up on my draft.

Yesterday I went home at 2.30 am in the morning due to culture activation event preparation at office. I arrived home at 3.20 am. After simple body cleaning, I hug my girl and felt asleep. I totally forget to post an article yesterday. And right now, I am super sleepy to the max. I can’t help myself to stop yawning. I really want to put myself on the bed. And this commuter line I take, is still queuing to Cikini station. Long way to go~



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On the way to Tasikmalaya for business trip. This time with family. Heading directly to Cirebon after finishing all business related things in Tasikmalaya. Family time, here we come!


Tidying Up The Office February 8, 2016

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This Chinese New Year holiday was spent by tidying up the office. It’s one of preparation to have a launching event of our unit culture.

Tidying up office is something that I don’t really like to do. So many things to do, and to select between keep or throw away. The hard thing is because the stuffs are not only mine, so sometimes I can’t decide whether to keep it or to throw it away. And in the end, some stuffs are piled up on one or two corners. Making me feel the job is never completed.

Other reason is I think it is everybody’s job, not only few people in the group. For example, reassignation of desk can make some people are unhappy. Of course we can’t pleased everyone. But by making all the people in the group have responsibility of the job, somebody just can’t blame other people of the things they don’t like.


Canceling KAI Train Ticket February 5, 2016

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This is my first experience cancelling train ticket. I bought it beforehand to go to Cirebon. Unfortunately, I need to cancel it due to some reasons.

It’s easy to cancel the train ticket. Buuut, you need to spare your time to process it on the station. My experience was get my ticket cancelled on Gambir Station. There are so many people wanting to cancel their tickets (just now I got number 372, and needs to wait more than 1,5 hours until my number was called). I have came in the morning but it’s already full of people there, and they only have 2 lockets for cancellation. I didn’t expect to wait for more than 15 minutes. Since I have meeting in the morning, I decided to come again on the night.

To cancel KAI train ticket, you just need to bring the 1.) filled cancellation form, 2.) print-out ticket, 3.) ID Card, 4.) Copy of ID Card.

The refund is 75% of your ticket price, flat percentage no matter how long you cancel your ticket until 1 hour before the trip. You can have it by cash or transfer to your bank account. For cash refund, you need to take it on your preferred station, and it will take 30 days after you cancel the ticket. For transfer to bank account, it will take longer time, around 45-60 days to be processed.

Cancelling tickets means a change in the plan. People said life is full of surprises. Sometimes we need to take another route, to have a detour, or to execute our back up plan, but one thing for sure: to enjoy the process along the way.

Change in the plan doesn’t mean disaster. We need to adapt to variety of internal and external factors that happen dynamically around us. Who knows it could lead us to other interesting journey that we haven’t imagined before. Cheers!


Silaturahmi to Karawang February 4, 2016

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Today, my business trip brought me to Karawang. This was my first time to visit office in Karawang and meet some people that I’ve known there only from email or phone call before. One of the purposes of this business trip is to get to know each other – work partners from division office and area office.

It was a nice meeting with them. They welcomed us warmly, and we enjoyed having discussion of works and what we have to do next. If people is supporting and encouraging each other, people will happier to do the job, and the task to be done feels lighter than before. Because we believe that somebody else will help us. We won’t walk alone the journey.

That’s the miracle of silaturahmi. We get to know each other. And that will lessen the chance of miscommunication and misunderstanding. We won’t hesitate to contact our partners, and they won’t either. It’s also strengthen the bonding of the good relationship we’d already have. And last but not least, it is a way to open the door of opportunities.


The Problem of Multitasking February 3, 2016

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I read about an article about multitasking here, and I keep agreeing the article along the way until the last sentence. I believe multitasking is the reason I feel exhausted, while it seems I do nothing, especially when I have lots of thing to do with a deadline. It seems I have to finish it in a multitasking way, otherwise I can’t finish it.

When I was studied in University, I believe myself as a person who can’t do multitasking works. I should do and finish things one by one. By doing so, I could feel the progress, I could see the finish line come closer. And now, maybe because the effect of ‘always connected’ and people expectation of ‘reply now, do it now, it’s urgent’, its’s impossible not to be a multitasker. Especially when the job description is so wide, and you are dealing with many people that need your output to be their input. It could make us always feeling rushed, and finally make us to be a multitasker.

That is why even I am now doing things multitaskingly, I love do works that have the finish line. When I need to finish these kind of works, I like to refrain myself from checking email, texting, or chatting with others. I would put myself on a focus mode: earphone with music on, esp the ones with no lyrics, put away my cellphone, and setting a time limit to finish it, thus I push myself to only do the thing I face at that time. When I finish it, I could feel the feeling of completion. The job has been done. And one tab of my mind can be closed. Lesser thing to occupied my mind.

*Surely write can make me know and understand myself better.



Shirayuki Desserts and Bistro February 2, 2016

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After working on the weekend, my girl, my cousin, and I enjoyed Saturday Night in Mall Taman Anggrek. We were window shopping, trying several shoes, and buying 4 pairs of them (not only for me, hehe), getting a cashback voucher from MTA Midnight Sale Event Promo, and ending up having very late dinner around 9 p.m.

We tried Shirayuki Desserts and Bistro because it was one of the participating tenants where we could redeem the voucher, and their menu looks very cute. Eventhough we were not so hungry, we ordered not only desserts, but also main dishes. Overall, the tastes are okay. Recommended for people who like desserts, especially the unique ones.


Bolognese Gratin (it comes out bigger than the picture in the menu)


Laputa (I believe it’s name come from the title of Ghibli’s movie – Laputa Castle in the Sky)


Matcha Parfait (perfect dessert for matcha lovers)